Hey Guys!
I was going to save this Vintage Fab, but it was so cute I just couldn’t resist!

Long time reader and first time submitter Tracy sent over these fabulous pictures of her stylish family:

Vintage Fab the Fashion Bomb

She says,
“I was inspired by the previous Vintage Fab posts to submit photos of my mother and her sisters.”


“…That’s my mother, getting into her MG…”

Vintage Fab the Fashion Bomb

“…and my mother and father at a Marine Corps ball.”
Tracy, these pictures are so cute. I’m loving the Afro’s in the first pic, especially the two toned style on the right.

Just…amazing in a way only a Vintage Fab could be!
What do you guys think?

12 thoughts on “Vintage Fab : Tracy’s Family”

  1. This is truly an awesome vintage fab post. LOOOOOOOVE it! and you’re right, Claire, those afros are KICKIN! I gotta work on mine…LOL

  2. Claire, thank you so much for posting my photos. And many thanks to everyone for the gracious comments. I’m still trying to get my fro like my aunts’. Lol!

  3. I love these photos and the pic at the Marine Corp ball is soooo nice. You don’t see elegance and class combined like that anymore these days.

  4. I absolutely love all these pics, but the last pic of her handsome father and beautiful mother really touches my heart. Beautiful.

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