Here’s another hot post from new intern Sean Garrette!
“Ciara recently released the video for her new song “Work.” Set at a construction site, Ciara does a host of body altering moves while showcasing her new edgy style.”

Ciara Work feat Missy Elliott

” Try a few of these items to get a Ciara “Work” steeze”:

~Sean Garrette

5 thoughts on “Video + Style Inspiration: Work by Ciara featuring Missy Elliott”

  1. Why does it always seem like Ciara is trying too hard to be fierce?
    She looks awesome in the video though. Proud of her for stayin on the grind :)

  2. Mariel Haen(sp?) styled this video..she’s been known to work with Rihanna a lot as well as Ciara. I love her!

  3. I like it. Better than LoveSexMagic. Saw a little thriller choreo in the video too.

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