Dope Blog Your Private Shopper had the following video of a CNN emission on French Vogue’s Blackface Controversy:

French Vogue CNN Blackface

CNN called the issue, “the cringe heard around the world” and “culturally insensitive” among other things, and even conjectured that this controversy could run Carine Roitfeld from Paris to American Vogue.

Interesting stuff. I’m sure the Paris Vogue team didn’t expect this much of an uproar!
What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Video : CNN on French Vogue’s Blackface Controversy”

  1. I’m sure to be in the minority here, but I don’t think it’s a big deal. The spirit of it is artistic I think in the exclusionary high fashion sense of the idea. I remember an America’s Next Top Model season where in one of the first episodes the models were made up to look like they had another ethnicity. A white model was made to appear black. A black model was made to appear asian. A russian model was made to appear italian. I think it’s important to observe intent in this matters. Another black model was made to appear scandinavian. There was equal opportunity ethnic remaking.

    My problem – and this problem would exist with or without this blackface shoot – is the lack of african american representation in French Vogue. THAT is the most fiery issue here. Black face only reminds us more acutely of the exclusion. But the black face itself is not the true cause of anger.

  2. My thing is (like he said) their are more than enough black models that would have loved and been qualified to be featured in French Vogue, why do we have to paint a white woman black…

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