I am in love with Lady Gaga’s new video for her single Bad Romance:

Lady Gaga Bad Romance

From the Alexander McQueen pieces to the razer blade sunglasses, the video oozes creativity and is a testament to avant garde, out of the box fashion.

Though one of my twitter friends surmised that Gaga’s stylist must be blind (she called ’em Stevie Wonder), I think bish is FIERCE!!!!

What do you think of the video?

6 thoughts on “Video : Bad Romance by Lady Gaga”

  1. I love this video also!!!! As soon as I saw it last not I tweeted that LG is so bad its sick!!!! her fashion, creativity, moves, and lyrics are out of this world!!! Its refreshing…I watch this video in awe everytime! love it!

  2. omggg i sooo love her!!! Fashion game sick!!! ppl forget fashion on the runway is over top like this she just brung it bad and made it her own!!! and as for the video and song this is a sure fire hit on her hands!!!

  3. The video was AMAZING!!!!! I love it way better than Beyonce’s “Video Phone” video. Lady Gaga’s video was more creative.

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