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Over the years, zero-sized or skinny models ruled the global fashion industry. Curvy and plus-size women’s representation in the fashion world was almost next to none. But soon, popular brands started being more inclusive when it came to women’s fashion. And now, we see curvy women on the ramp and gracing front covers of fashion magazines. From plus-size models to curvy fashion influencers, helping you along the way, it is easy to find apparels and accessories that can enhance your fashion sense.

The seasons of autumn and fall – usually defined by coffee, Netflix, and comfy sweaters – are happily embraced by many. Yet, as a curvy woman, you might hesitate to layer up for fear of looking bulky. But worry not! We have come up with some classic looks for you with sweaters. For a perfect casual or vintage look, all you need is a couple of accessories and the right footwear.

We are all decked up to provide outlooks that you feel comfortable in and can easily carry at all times. If you are looking for an Instagram-worthy sweater style this winter, here are our top suggestions that you must try. 

  1. Wrap Style Sweater

Styling a sweater or a more layered look is sometimes difficult to achieve, especially if you have an hourglass figure. The key is to style plus size sweaters in a way that flatters your curvy look. The first style that we have designed for you is a wrap style sweater. This particular design can help you achieve a slim look overall. The wrap at your bust allows you comfort without revealing much of your skin. As the wrap sweater ends near your waist, it also highlights your legs, especially wearing fitted jeans.  

If you want to be bold and beautiful with your choice, we suggest that you wear a dark or bright color sweater that brings vibrancy to your overall look. Again, wearing high boots can give an effortless, charming look. 

You can further widen your options with a wrap-style crop sweater. Just like crop tops, you can easily pair crop sweaters with high-waisted and distressed jeans or a summer dress. A piece of funky jewelry, a watch, or sunglasses will also come in handy when making the final look much more appealing.

  1. Oversized Sweater

A few years ago, oversized sweaters were a big NO! But today, the case is different. Oversized sweaters not only provide warmth and comfort in chilly winters but portray an overall cute look. Yet, if not styled correctly, they can give you a frumpy look too. 

To make the most of an oversized sweater, you should be aware that there are two of its kind. The first one is a square and shorter oversized fit, while the second is a straight, longer fit. The best way to style both types is with a tailored bottom such as skinny jeans, ankle pants, or leather leggings. For a chicer look, you can always tuck in the oversized sweater. 

To make your appearance more dramatic, you can further pair these sweaters with long or short skirts, accessories like hats and boots or high heels. But as a curvy woman, you should avoid wearing loose pants or jeans with this type of sweater because it will give you a frumpy look. Wearing an oversized sweater with a flexible bottom will fail to accentuate your hourglass figure.

  1. Turtleneck Sweater

Another major hit in winters is turtleneck sweaters. From children to adults, anyone can rock this particular style. Not only are they snug and cozy to wear, but they also look super smart on almost everyone. Being a curvy girl, you can style a turtleneck sweater in a million ways.

From the monochromatic look to bright colors, turtleneck sweaters will make you look attractive! To complete your final look, you can pair this type of sweater with fitted or flared jeans and even miniskirts. A vest, a leather jacket, and a bomber jacket can further emphasize your final turtleneck sweater look.

  1. Sweater Dresses

Sweater dresses are one style that makes round every winter season. This particular style flatters all body types. If you pair it with various accessories and footwear, you can achieve your best look. Being one of the most versatile dresses, you wear this type of sweater with almost anything. 

You can wear over the knee boots and ankle boots with this dress for a casual winter look. The former pairing will give you a classic look, while the latter will make you look edgier. 

Since sweater dresses are loose-fitted and straight, they often hide your waist. To emphasize your body structure, you can accessorize your look with a wide belt. But if you think that a simple dress is not going to work in winter, you can layer it up with a coat or wear leggings beneath the sweater. 

Another pro of opting for a sweater dress on a curvy body this winter is that you can go for any color. You can wear nude, pastel colors or go for bold hues; either way, you are going to look fabulous as it is.   


Just like any other season, winter brings its line of fashion. From beanie hats to oversized sweaters, there are numerous chances for you to become a diva. Jumping on the bandwagon, we have created four different winter looks for you to sport this winter. From oversized sweaters to sweater dresses, you can pick up the right accessory and your favorite footwear to achieve that ONE look.