A casino party allows you to dress up and spend time with friends. Make sure to dress appropriately for this occasion. In numerous cases, casinos offer a strict dress code. You have to follow this code to dress appropriately.

Before a casino party, check their website to confirm their dress code. Standard dress codes can be casual, casual chic, dressy casual, semi-formal, formal or black tie. If you are not sure about the meaning of a dress code, feel free to ask from the related people.

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Research the Atmosphere of Casino

If you are not sure about the dress code, find out the atmosphere of your casino. The presentation, look and décor of the casino can influence your outfit. For a vintage theme (1950s), you can try a classy vintage look. 

Check the interior of a casino to learn about the level of formality. For a fancy casino, you will need a formal dress with a black-tie. Sometimes, you have to wear a tuxedo in a formal casino. If you want to attend a cocktail or a fancy dinner in the evening, you have to choose your dress accordingly.

Keep it in mind that attached restaurants and nightclubs in casinos often require you to wear formal dress. Their dress code can be different than the gaming area.

Discuss with Other People in the Party

If you want to attend a casino party with your friends, you can discuss with them what to wear. Try to follow a similar level of formality. You may look out of place if your friends are wearing a black tie. Ask your friends to avoid wearing something completely inappropriate, such as jeans and a t-shirt.

Men’s Wear

Choose perfectly fitted clothes, such as legs, sleeves, waist and shoulders, must be right for you. For black-tie dress code, you will need a white shirt and a black tuxedo. Feel free to choose a cummerbund in a discreet, darker color, such as forest green, navy blue or burgundy. If you can’t buy a tuxedo, rent it from a formalwear store.    

If you have to wear a formal outfit, it can be easier than a black-tie. Make sure to look beautiful and tidy. You have to wear suits with matching ties. In case of a semi-formal dress code, you can avoid a tie, but wear a blazer and a dress shirt. Choose the best accessories and shoes to complement your overall look.

Women’s Clothes

You have to wear fitted clothes, such as a floor-length gown of velvet, satin, or silk. Avoid wearing cotton, linen or jersey blends. You are free to wear any shade, such as jewel, neutrals, white and black tones. 

For formal and semi-formal casinos, you can select a pantsuit or cocktail dress. If you are allowed to wear dressy-causal, you can choose dressy jeans, a sheath dress and a beautiful skirt.