I gotta admit: I’m a Southern Girl at heart! And I love love love Southern music–you can find me bumpin everything from 3 6 Mafia to Lil Jon on my Ipod. Since I’m going back to ATL, I decided to bless the day with this Soulja Boy diddy:


Ugh, I’m almost ashamed to admit how much I like this song!

Anywho, enjoy. Turn your swag on!

3 thoughts on “Thursday Video: Turn my Swag on by Soulja Boy”

  1. I love this song too!! However, I am NOT ASHAMED, I am a 29 year old African-American financier, and I blast this when I get to work early (of course before the co-workers get in lol).

    I am grown, I have an HU degree, and I like the Soulja Boy song.

  2. Soulja Boy has made some extremely irresponsible, ignorant comments and I wouldn’t give him anything that remotely resembled support even if he sang “I Will Always Love You” better than Whitney.

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