When an actor, or in this case, actress, embodies a role with such conviction, it can be difficult for viewers to separate character from real person, even when it comes to style.  Cookie Lyon, the spitfire, no-nonsense, FIERCELY styled matriarch of Fox’s Empire, is known for two things: her slick talk and her fashions.  Taraji P. Henson, who plays Cookie, has developed a style all her own, though.  So much so, she’s found her footing in this world of fashion.  With the help of celebrity stylist, Jason Bolden, her style has transcended over the years, with designers like Alexander Wang and David Koma creating some memorable looks for the actress.  She’s always been the one to make heads turn, though, daring to wear what most wouldn’t.
The D.C. native has been a style savant since her early days, swaggin’ on her highschool cohorts.  Who else can take their senior photo in retro sunglasses and doorknockers?
 After breaking into Hollywood, she began to experiment a little further with fashion, sporting gaudy hair accessories with equally questionable ensembles.  Sequins and feathers anyone?  In her defense, though, the late nineties were wrought with tons of fashion faux pas.  So much so, pairing attention grabbing pieces sort of became the norm. 

  With time, Taraji’s wardrobe had a major overhaul.  Her overall aesthetic became more polished, incorporating cocktail length dresses and strappy heels into her looks.  With a side-swooped bang and her signature grin, she began to find her footing in this fashion game.  A little safe, but a vast improvement.  
Red carpets appearances at awards shows soon became the norm for Henson, and she quickly became one to watch.  Gorgeous strapless gowns showcase her lithe frame, while elevating her elegance.  Whether jewel encrusted, sequined, printed, or velvet, photographers can’t get enough of her red carpet wares.


When she’s not slaying in bodycon dresses…

  …she stuns in outfits with prints abound.  Emblazoned with flora and fauna or abstract designs from Mary Katrantzou, Taraji loves beautifully patterned ensembles that catch the eye.



  But it’s not all about fancy dresses for the award winning actress.  Sometimes, she prefers to keep it stylishly comfortable in jeans, Givenchy sneakers, or boots.  Even Cookie Lyon has to give her feet a break from all those fabulous heels. 

 Taraji P. Henson has not only dominated the small and silver screen.  She’s finding herself on many a best-dressed list.  And given her amazing work ethic, spunky personality, and thriving résumé, those red carpet moments won’t be dying down anytime soon.For more of Taraji, spy our gallery above!

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