We’re taking it back to 2006 for today’s Throwback Thursday, when this pretty young thing came on the scene with her smash hit “Me & U”.  And if you didn’t try to imitate her dance moves in the mirror while this song bumped through your speakers, either you’re lying or I’m fighting really hard to not be alone here.  Since then, Cassie has been been a busy bee.  From music to modeling to doing films on the silver screen, she’s definitely become one of Hollywood’s it girls.  Since the beginning, her rise to fame has always been accompanied by some killer fashion.

 The New London, Connecticut native had an eye for all things stylish from the get-go.  Back then, she found her niche wearing cute minidresses that hug her petite frame.  Vibrant colors and patterned pieces were her go-to’s, especially to compliment her glorious summer tanned skin.


But a few years later, and honey, playtime was over.  Known for her cascading raven colored mane, Cassie took the bull by the horns and shaved off a third of her hair…and still slayed.  She experimented more with more masculine touches to her outfits.  In her downtime, she exudes glamorous comfort pairing sweats and heels, or sneakers and jeans with a designer bag to accessorize.  Jordans and Hèrmes anyone?


And her fur game…sickening.  If you wanted to know how to bring the heat in the middle of winter, take cues from Cassie.  She loves a good fur bolero, even if she’s just kicking it courtside at a basketball game.

  And without a doubt, Cassie isn’t lacking in the sex appeal department.  She’s not shy about showing a little skin on the red carpet, but it’s always tastefully done.  She can dazzle in sequined Julien McDonald or stun in cobalt Versace.  The slay never fades, but we’re not complaining one bit.  Hell, who else can rock a neon yellow ombré bob and still look amazing?

Gorgeous, isn’t she?

So here’s to a true trendsetter and amazing style star, Cassie!  We love you and can’t wait to see what other looks you have in store for 2017!  For more, spy our gallery above of our favorite looks from Cassie.