“[Nervous on TV] You can never have enough hats, gloves, and shoes”–Patsy from Absolutely Fabulous

My plan for this winter is to concentrate primarily on buying wardrobe investment pieces. The items that take the most wear and tear (and simultaneously distinguish your look the most) are coats, bags, and shoes. Any fashionista will tell you: scrimp on small items, spend on the big ones!

First on my list are a pair of sturdy, sharp, sexy black pumps to wear to work, events, what have you. In life, image is half the battle. People’s perceptions hinge on what you’re wearing. And sophisicated, savvy ladies wear sophisticated shoes.

I woke up one night at 2am (as I always do–am I the only one who repeatedly falls asleep at 11pm then wakes up with a full face of makeup on, TV blaring, every light on?) Am I the only one? Anyway to my relief Oprah was on TV instead of another infomercial…She had the woman from Jimmy Choo on discussing shoes, etc. Call it propaganda but that lady made me want to own a pair of her shoes. So I decided to investigate.

I went to Saks Fifth Avenue today and tried this pair on:


Yes, they’re as sexy as they look. I’m normally a size 9 1/2, 10. Mr. Jimmy Choo must live in the land of elves because a 10 wouldn’t fit me. I take a size 11 or 41 in those. At $455 I could definitely buy a few pairs of shoes (and a new wardrobe) not to mention pay a chunk of my rent…but I’m talking an investment here. No more scuffs. Hopefully fewer heel replacements. I mean, I wore a pair of Nine Wests in the airport after having them for eight months and the heel fell out. Just fell out. That ain’t right.

Back to Saks.

I also tried these stunners by Christian Louboutin on:

These were also comfortable. I took a size 11 in these as well, but at $510, Mr. Louboutin might have some ‘xplainin to do.

Also while searching the web, I came across these lovelies at one of my absolute favorite websites and stores, J.Crew.

Now tell me these don’t look just like the Jimmy Choo’s?!?!? And at $150, I could very well get 3 pairs of these in every color for the price of one pair of Choos.

My question of today is: What is the difference between the $455 shoe and the $158??? Aren’t they all just basic pumps?

I talked to an accessories editor friend of mine about this. She said that the difference would mainly be comfort as well as quality. She recommended I check out Cole Haan because they seem to marry fashion, comfort, and quality. Cole Haan’s prices are sort of high, but not ridiculous.

This is the closest I could find to ‘cute’ in Cole Haan’s new collection:

At $175 they’re an ok price (relatively speaking!)…and I’m sure the Nike cushion would make them comfortable. But these don’t look as slick as Jimmy Choo. Sorry!

Anyway the search continues….

Now that I know how Jimmy Choo and Christians run…I plan on haunting ebay to see if my dream pair appears for less than retail. We’ll see what I find!


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Black Pumps”

  1. I’d really like to know what you end up getting. It’s really nice to know that there are others out there who’d love to spend a fortune on top shoes but their budget just won’t let them! Thanks for the blog! I’ll keep checking back to see how it’s going.

    p.s. I’m happy that you’re doing the investigating for me!

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