A round of applause for the stunning Halle Bailey who was casted as Ariel in ‘The Little Mermaid,’ and didn’t have to change her hair to acquire the role. This month, we saw her hit the big screens with her natural locs and perhaps that was exactly what the culture needed, and a moment for little Black girls everywhere to embrace their natural beauty.

Excited to be apart of history, Halle insisted on keeping her natural locs for her debut role as she knew that it would send a specific message to young black women about the importance of being your authentic self. 

In a recent interview with Ebony, she revealed how essential it was for her to keep her hair in its natural state. To embody the character and role, Halle dyed her locs the signature red color that is symbolic to the original Ariel’s hair color.

“I was grateful to [the director] Rob Marshall because he wanted me to keep my locs,” expressed Halle. “It’s always important to have somebody to cosign,” she explained to Ebony.

Partnering up with Academy Award nominee hairstylist Camille Friend, they both chose to keep the nostalgia of the film alive.

Halle further elaborated in her interview on the importance of keeping Ariels hair red. The singer explained how “The Little Mermaid’s red hair is a signature and that she wanted to honor that, but also remain true to herself by keeping her locs hairstyle.“

“Im a black woman and I have locs,” exclaimed Halle.

Photo Credit: IG/Reproduction