I’m up bright and early on Saturday to give you the scoop on the Sean John Show!
Yesterday, I made my way over to Cipriani’s near Grand Central Terminal as early as possible…


..I just had a feeling that the line was going to be nuts.
As predicted, the scene seemed a hair short of mayhem, with a line that stretched halfway down the block…
…full of stylists, publicists, and editors waiting to see Diddy’s first show in five years.
I hopped on the back and settled in for a long wait, but the line moved quite rapidly, check in was a breeze, and I was in in no time!
The seats slowly started to fill in…

… and I had my Canon Power Shot poised to take pictures:
Mama Puff was perched front row in full fur glory…
… next to Spike Lee in a very fashionable Obama ’08 t-shirt. Baby momma Kim Porter was also in the house to show support.
Cassie wasn’t very far away…

…looking svelte in a strapless canary yellow Herve Leger dress.
Crooner Trey Songz was also in attendance…
…as was design czar Roberto Cavalli…
…seated closely to rappers Fabolous and Q-Tip. Apparently K-Fed along with a few other ‘A-listers’: Ellen Pompeo, Helena Christenson, and Wilmer Valderama were there as well.

The show started promptly, and I’ll be honest, I was loving all the male model eye candy!

The clothes themselves, however–a compilation of outerwear, suits, and shaggy sweaters–were a mixture of sleek and absurd. I consider Diddy to be a super stylish man, so as I was looking at his collection, I constantly asked myself: Would Diddy wear that?
For most of the collection, the answer would be a resounding, “NO”:
Tweed, brocade, or even sequined jackets can be sophisticated in steel gray, but the rib grazing cropped cuts worn over long shirts would turn most fashionable men away.
Jackets with fur accents are chic in most circumstances…

…but, again, the short length would deter most style mavens, and chinchilla accented sleeves would get an “I’ll pass.”
I was also skeptical of the wearability of tailored jackets in red leather…

…I don’t think the boys in The Band would cosign red fur trim or long sparkly scarves.
But some pieces did have redeeming qualities.
The suits and wool coats were generally impeccably tailored, and perfectly suited for a CEO…
The sequined shirts were a bit over the top…

…but I could see Puff rocking them for parties in Ibiza or St. Tropez.
And a few other pieces, like motorcycle jackets in gray and cream…
…and nubby sweaters…
…would fit seamlessly into the wardrobe of an adventurously chic man.
So while some items were edgy, Puff brought it back with a few can’t go wrong style staples.  A great balance and a perfect reintroduction to the world of high fashion.
Of course I caught the final walk:

Is ‘Superstar’ the theme of all urban fashion shows these days? I guess everyone’s really feeling Lupe Fiasco.
The final walk was certainly very ‘Diddy’ and Tyson was a welcome touch.
After the show, I caught a few pictures with resident allstars, including Cassie…

Trey Songz…
Blogger Micah Jesse (www.micahjesse.com)…
..and Chanel Iman!
So that does it for Fashion Week for the Fashion Bomb…
…it started and ended with quite a bang!
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*Remember this video?

After seeing it, I totally expected for the show to be a mixture of menswear and womenswear; as you can see, the show was purely men. Turns out a few of my model girlfriends went bright and early to the casting, and were told that Diddy called it all off. Was the viddy purely publicity? I wonder.
* Check out Concrete Loop for more show pictures plus celeb goss.

11 thoughts on “The Fashion Bomb Does Sean John Fall ’08”

  1. awww thanks for the weekend update claire!! oh and you are workinggg that coat….absolutely FAB!

  2. Ahhh you’re so blessed and fortunate to be able to attend these shows and get such close seats…Diddy’s show was awesome and had a beautiful ‘coloured’ touch..lol..
    Great fotos! and I cannot believe you met Chanel Iman,luvvs her<3
    Keep up the Fabuliciousness..

  3. Wow claire you fit right in with that plum blouse and the over the top glam coat!!! yea I wanted to see the women’s line but was disappointed. I actually believed that puffy wanted to make a change by calling blk models but I guess the $ signs turns his red black and green flag into all green to represent greed!

  4. and to add I was about to not check your blog today because usually you dont make Saturday posts. Good thing I did…a great surprise!

  5. Just stumbled upon this blog. Thanks so much for the great pictures! Looking forward to reading more from you.

  6. Very nice!
    I can honestly say, as much as I can’t stand Diddy as an artist or a producer, his fashion line is the business. His clothes are always best in quality and can rival some of the best Italian lines that are out there now.

    And Claire you better work that coat! Fab indeed. I absolutely love the classic Jackie Kennedy looks with a touch of glam.

  7. How you gonna call Cassie Diddy’s “rumored jump-off”, then smile in her face and take a picture with her? That is soooo two-faced!! Why do you bloggers have to make nasty comments about celebs? Whether or not it’s true is no one’s business. WTF?

  8. Um, I dont really see anything ‘nasty’ about Claire stating a rumor (one that she didn’t make up)…it’s a rumor! And if you look back, Claire has always been nice to Cassie. stop the hate

  9. OMG.. U met Chanel Iman, and Cassie. I adore them two I wish i was u. They are one of my fave models. I love Cassie’s sense of style, that girl can dress.

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