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It’s that time of the year again, and we are wrapping things up in style. These Bombshell’s have been serving looks all year long, from streetwear to glam and everything else in between.

In a feature we call Fashion Bombshell of the Day, we highlight the personal style and flair of Fashion Bomb Daily readers from across the globe and we truly appreciate the love and support. Through emails and nominations, each day we crowned a new bombshell and we narrowed down our top candidates. In no particular order, here are our nominees for Fashion Bombshell of the Year:

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  1. Tene’A from Maryland

When asked to describe her style, she says, “I would describe my style as eclectic , vintage and versatile! I love thrifting and I love garments and accessories that makes a statement!” Her style is definitely one of kind, and we love to see it.

2. Vey from Texas

Vey is a Fashion Stylists who’s style is innovative, edgy and daring. Her looks are very feminine and she is almost guaranteed never to be dressed like anyone in the room. Each look tells its own story.

3. Kara Chin

Her style is impeccable. Non traditional cuts on blazers and tops provide an edge while still remaining a bit formal. Her looks are clean, regal, and rich!

4. Patty M from New York

I’m a woman of very few words, so I often let my attire introduce,” says Patty. “My style is very versatile but fashion is how I speak, my favorite outlet to express. My business is “Piece by PMR” where I hand-paint/hand-craft apparel and accessories, 98% of my handbags/outfits are my way of highlighting black-but making it fashion. I usually wear one of my painted/crafted bags or outfits, to pull my entire look together. “

5. Kahlana Barfield Brown

Layering is a key element to Fall wardrobe and Kahlana executes flawlessly with her chic street style. Pairing sweat pants and heels allows for comfortability and edge. She does a great job at balancing volume and creating interesting silhouettes with her attire. From hair and make up to accessories, this Bombshell is put together from head to toe.

6. Kia from Wisconsin

Kia is an amputee model. She writes to Fashion Bomb Daily saying, “Beauty to me is defined through your acts of kindness and the positive energy you spread to others. Its defined by the countless number of times the world has giving you every reason to be “ugly” yet you remain beautiful in spirit, mind and soul.

7. Takkunda from London

Takkunda style is regal fierce and eclectic. With each look giving a different vibe this Bombshell shows how clothes can be used a a form of self expression.

8. Jasmine from Virginia

Jasmine says, “I would describe my style as classy, sexy, glam. As a woman, I love to wear pieces that feel feminine and Fun! I have always loved fashion since childhood. Styling has always come naturally to me. My Fashion is my art. Its the feeling I get when creating a look that let’s me know my masterpiece is complete.

9. Zamar Lewis from New York

Zamar’s style is unique and fierce! I’m sure she’s never worried about showing up to an event and someone having on her outfit. A mixture of streetwear, punk and class have been used to describe this Bombshell’s esthetic.

10 . Courtney from Washington

Courtney writes, “My style is feminine but bada**. I like to take basics and style them with really cool statement pieces, and I’m obsessed with monochromatic looks.”

11. Tanaisha from New York

Tanaisha’s description of her style is “Sexy, Spicy and Sweet! This mother of 3 says, “Life can get hectic at times, but I always make time to stay cute! I love everything fashion.” She refers to her photos as “fashion expressions.”

12. Arraya from Florida

If glamour, street wear and avant garde birth a child, this is what it would look like. From killer casual looks to one of a kind silhouettes, Bombshell Arraya oozes innovation.

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