Green dial watches are cool. They are loved mostly by people who are in tune with nature. It is surprising that green is not celebrated in the fashion industry as many other colors that are less significant. 

Although some people don’t celebrate green as much as we think everyone should, there are many who regard the color and everything it stands for. Such people love green face watch and invest in as many green watches as they fall in love with. 

Why Buy a Green Wrist Watch?

As we have hinted already, most people who choose green dial watches are in tune with nature. They already love the color and will go for fashion pieces and accessories that are green or have obvious green aspects. 

Even if you don’t read deep meaning into green watches, you may love them for their aesthetic appeal. Most watches with green faces look great. They are generally attractive and will draw attention to your wrist. 

You can also choose a green watch for the sake of variety. Real fashionable men understand the importance of having all kinds of watches in their collections. If you are such a man, you will understand why green watches are important and also add some to your collections. 

Green Watches from Filippo Loreti

Like all top watchmakers, Filippo Loreti has some amazing green emerald watches in its collection. The company has made different watches with green dial. It is pretty easy to find top-quality green watches in their collections and buy them at decent prices. 

Why Choose Green dial watches from Filippo Loreti?

You probably know several watchmakers, other than Filippo Loreti. Why should you focus on buying a green watch from FL? Well, there are several reasons we will recommend watches from Filippo Loreti any day. Here are the most important ones to keep in mind:

Filippo Loreti Make High-Quality Watches 

Quality is the first thing classic gentlemen consider before buying a timepiece. It is always important to know the makers of luxury watches and their reputation before paying top dollar for them. Filippo Loreti has a reputation, and you can be sure that you are buying a to-quality watch when you buy from the company. 

Filippo Loreti Watches Are Not Mass-Produced 

The major reason Filippo Loreti watches are not common on the market is because they are not mass-produced. Filippo Loreti produces watches according to confirmed orders from buyers. This means there are always a little number of watches available at a time. Watch owners get new watches made specifically for them. 

Filippo Loreti Watches Are Sold Directly To Customers 

Filippo Loreti has also disrupted the premium watches market because of the way they sell. Instead of selling its watches to middlemen and fashion houses, Filippo Loreti sells directly to the customers. By cutting out the middlemen, they are able to eliminate all problems posed by unscrupulous middlemen. When you buy directly from the watchmaker, you can rest assured that the watch is not an imitation. You will also get the watch at the most affordable price. 

Best Green Dial Watches from Filippo Loreti

Do you want to buy the best green watch you can afford from Filippo Loreti? Here are our top picks:

Odyssey Two Tone Green Link 2020

The best green watch dial in terms of aesthetics. 

Okeanos Green Steel Link 

The best green emerald watch in terms of affordability. 

Okeanos Rose Gold Green Link 2020 Edition 

The best gold and green watch. It is also the best in terms of value for the money. 


Filippo Loreti has some of the best green watches you can find on the market. The company has earned a reputation as one of the most innovative watchmakers in the market. It has released lots of incredible watches, and it is nice to see that there are wonderful green watches in their collections. 

If you really want the very best in green face watches, the three options recommended above will make great additions to your personal collection. You can buy one, two, or the entire three. If you are not satisfied with just the three, you can take a look at Filippo Loreti’s collection of green watches to find what suits you perfectly. Remember that Filippo Loreti is an industry leader, so you can order with confidence.