Leggings are considered a closet staple for a reason. They’re versatile and comfy, making them suitable to wear with different outfits for all sorts of occasions. If you feel like you could use a few more pairs for their practicality and sartorial opportunities, here are the different kinds of leggings you might want to add to your wardrobe:

Casual Leggings

These will be your go-to for everyday wear, whether you’re going for casual elegance or a lazy-day ensemble. Ideally, you want these leggings to be durable and completely opaque so you can wear them to work, to dinner and drinks, or to head out to run some errands. Go for comfortable and breathable fabrics like those that can be found in a pair of high-quality cotton leggings so you don’t have to worry about feeling stifled throughout the day. When it comes to colors and designs, go for minimalist prints or solid neutral colors so you know these leggings can and will go with anything you wear. 

Workout Leggings

If you take your workouts seriously and prefer leggings as your choice of gym wear, you’ll need a pair or two that can offer you the support you need. It’s not enough to settle for leggings that are comfortable and stretchy. You need a pair that offers durability and flexibility as well.

That said, choose leggings made of Lycra and spandex blends. Not only do they feel weightless on your legs while you’re working out, but they also have odor-resistant qualities that can keep undesirable smells at bay.

Additionally, these types of leggings wick off moisture so you won’t end up soaking wet after an intense workout. You don’t have to settle for boring designs when it comes to your workout leggings, either. Cute gym clothes are always a great motivator, after all.

Shiny Leggings

If your signature style is about sparkle and pizzazz, you definitely need a pair of shiny leggings in your closet. They effortlessly give off an effervescent energy no matter what kind of outfit you’re wearing them with. You can rock them in the gym to show off your yoga poses or put them on for additional support as you carry out Tabata exercises.

If you’re not much of a gym person, you can pair these leggings with a nice top and a pair of heels or boots whenever you have plans to go out with your friends. Whether you choose a pair with a bit of sheen or full-on glitter, shiny leggings can always make any outfit more interesting and fun.

Dressy Leggings

If you often attend parties or formal events, deciding what to wear each time can be a huge hassle. But a formal outfit doesn’t always have to be made up of a dress and heels or a nice top and skirt. 

That said, having a go-to pair of dressy leggings can help you overcome outfit fatigue, especially if you tend to be in a rush. Indeed, you can easily construct and plan an outfit around them while still looking fabulous and appropriate for the occasion. So if you’re out of ensemble ideas, look more dressed up and formal by wearing velvet or faux leather leggings.

Printed Leggings

Make your leggings the attention-grabbing part of your whole outfit by getting a pair of printed leggings. The patterns can give you more possibilities when it comes to ensembles because you can wear your plain tops and simple shoes by themselves and still end up with an eye-catching ensemble. From small and minimalistic patterns to loud and colorful prints, you can revamp your whole wardrobe with several pairs of printed leggings.

Faux Leather Leggings

A pair of faux leather leggings combines stylishness and comfort into one package. They can make you look tough and fierce but can also polish your overall look. Given this versatility, you can easily wear them to different places and occasions. Faux leather leggings can be styled to look work-appropriate, laid-back, or even glam. It just takes the right top, accessories, and shoes to pull off any particular outfit you have in mind.


For individuals who may not be comfortable wearing leggings just yet, jeggings can become your new best friend. Because they look so similar to jeans, most people will hardly notice that you’re wearing leggings.

Additionally, leggings offer far more flexibility and comfort compared to jeans. And in most cases, the best way to wear leggings is to do so stealthily. In that regard, jeggings are also more appropriate to wear in public compared to other types of leggings.

Leggings might look like a drab piece of clothing to some, but the right color and styling can make them instantly look fab. Worn properly, you can stay comfy and on-trend with these versatile and stylish pieces of clothing. We hope that the tips mentioned above prove useful whenever you have to pick the right kind of leggings for any occasion.