I’d like to extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who sent water filters over for Claire Cares’s Clean Water for Haiti project!
My Dad sent over the below picture, and wrote, “A shout out to the readers of Fashion Bomb Daily for their donation.”
Though some boxes were unmarked, there are few Bombshells who included their names! So Thank you to Porshea McMillan, Lully Philippe, Amelia Brown, and @AWorkingWardrobe!
Now that we have a good amount of water filters, my Dad has also requested Solar Panel Lighting Kits:
They are $40 at Amazon.com. You can send to the same address:
Claire Cares
425 2nd Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30317

My Dad will be taking pictures of his journey, and I will upload them here and on TheBombLife.com.
Can I just say that Claire Cares is in its infancy, but I am so touched, humbled, and encouraged by readers who are willing to give to a worthy cause! This certainly sets the foundation for even bigger initiatives in the future.
Thanks again!
Love + Light,

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