The enigmatic breakout R&B star Summer Walker won the Best New Artist award at the 2019 Soul Train Awards on Sunday, November 17. Summer Walker is having a great year with the release of her debut solo effort ‘Over It’. Her talent as a musician and vocalist is undeniable, however it is her unimpressed nature in respect to the glitz of music industry that makes her all the more alluring.

Credit: Getty Images

The 23 year old took to the stage wearing a bone colored, cropped spaghetti string top with glossy plunging neckline which lends the matching silk cami set it’s insane appeal.  She wasted time giving  her brief acceptance speech and receiving her well deserved award before trotting off the stage in her fur sandals. Summer’s indifference to fulfilling an image most new artists can’t function without is what is most inspiring about her. She recently took to her Instagram to voice her frustration as well as speak out about her battle with social anxiety.

Summer has that girl next door type of beauty, freakishly small waist, and curvy physique that stylists would love to work with to transform her into fashion’s next darling. There is a rebellious and esoteric vibe that Summer seems to possess, which is certain to appeal to the world of high fashion.

Her apprehension to embrace what comes with the entertainment industry seems to lie in her (or perhaps someone else’s) perception that she needs to change when elevation is all that is needed. This resistance makes it evident that she has a staunch sense of self, which includes but is not limited to her personal style. Summer Walker clearly has boundless musical potential, and with the proper embrace from the fashion industry for who she is, she can be the sartorial equivalent. For Ms. Walker has the eyes and ears of every millennial female at attention.

Congratulations on your win Summer!