12 thoughts on “Style Verdict: Sneaker Heels”

  1. I love the sneakers that Rihanna has on, but I’m not feelin the purple and black ones…too extreme looking for me…

  2. FAIL. No, no and no. There’s a difference between a converse like shoe with a heel on it (though I wouldn’t rock them) and a big ass pair of Jordans with a heel! Gross, next!

  3. @The Style and Beauty Doctor-we must be around the same age because I totally remember them! They were terrible then, and they’re terrible now. I’ll just stick to my regular Jordans, minus the heel.

  4. 2 words Claire: Hell No! lol… Those look homemade not too mention who still wears Jordans.. I like Rih’s version and Victoria’s aren’t half bad, but I cannot cosign those. lol…

  5. I was just talking about heeled sneakers with my co-worker today! LOL. I agreee with sun.kissed. FAIL. Im sure some hard-core fashionistas could pull it off, but def. not everybody. These look just as bad as all the heeled forces, adidas shelltoes and chucks that came out before

  6. Well I really think these r kute n all the other 1’s, u jus gotta kno how 2 roc em. Ya’ll gurlz these days dont kno fashion, I mean c’mon hav ya own style n stop wearin every1 elses. They kute, they jordans, they hawt, fuk u. . . The End Of Story.

  7. WOW I had these when I was a teenager. I had a pair of skippy heels in junior high and the high top converse heels in high school as well as a pair of airforce one looking high top heels from Bakers and just when i accepted how tacky i was back then i see star wearing them and making them a staple smh WELL I WONT BE SUCKED INTO THIS ONE AGAIN!… SORRY….

  8. I so agree wit u Candy K . i mean im in Ja. n i jus luv those Jordans and the converse RiRi has on. Ppl rock diff stuff and im sure id rock em quite well! some shoes you chickkaz like mite look wack ass on me…im jus sayin///

  9. most of the heel snicker out are fakes . i like them tho i think that the real fashion designers should find out who these people are and colabo with these people to make these designs real authentic. because they come up with very cute design that you would think came from the real designer. they always come up with different colors that people would want . just like womens shoe the fake designer when they make the fake jordans i dont buy but i some time like the designs the fake designer make more than the real brand usually cause they make different colors of the same shoe we like variety people i know i sure do so maybe you designer should think of that . cause if those heel jordans were real i would buy them.and i know other women that would.

  10. I also agree with candik and skerece I love jordans all kinds and i also have a pair of jordan heels pink/blue/white and they look hard to me its all about how u wear and what u wearing them with i have my own style i dnt try to rock what every body else rockin cause im me! Flat

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