While perusing the web, I found a picture of Kanye’s new sneaker design for Louis Vuitton:


A bright white boat shoe, West’s design has a platform sole, laces with a loafer like tassel, and a space age-y reinforcement on the back.

I can see that Kanye wanted to take the typical sneaker to the next level, perhaps marrying the look of a dressier shoe with the ease of a more athletic style. Ambitious, but he might have overshot this one. What do you think?

24 thoughts on “Style Verdict: Kanye’s New Louis Vuitton Sneaker”

  1. it seems like a club friendly shoe for guys but i’d still like to see it dressed up. Is this a part of his internship?

  2. I like Kanye but Im not so sure about this shoe. I still think the label whores will be it because of Louis Vuitton and KW is attached. Mmh.

  3. That shoe is fugz mcgee.

    And I bet everyone at LV is giving him the royal treatment so he isn’t going up the same hill that design students have to go up.

    I’m sure whatever he puts out will sell well, but real talk, I’m wondering what intern hopeful he replaced.

  4. I already went off about these shoes on another blog so I will just copy and paste my comments.

    Those are sooooo busted. They look like fancy orthopedic shoes. And no, just b/c they are Louis V does not make them look like anything but footwear in a Boca Raton Hospice. And is the heel chunky b/c Kanye wants other shorties like him to get some more height? Ol’ gym shoe chanclatta face

  5. kanye should stick to music. just because he likes fashion, doesn’t mean he should do design…just as i like music, doesn’t mean i should do producing. i really hope that some student out there lost out on an internship cause of this mess.

  6. Looks like a sure to be overpriced pair of granny easy spirits. Love Kanyeezy cause he brings the freshness on the constant and he does what he wants to do; whether we like it or not.

  7. i adore kanye’s sense of style but, uh, i’m not really understanding this shoe. maybe if he wore it with an outfit… i hope this is not the final version of it.

    from kanye, i would hope for something more original than just patchworking different features of different shoes.

    but still, i love kanye.

  8. the shoe in his hand it just looks okay but once someone puts it on with the proper outfit I know those shoes are going to look hot

  9. I like it.

    Admittedly, a special sensibility is required for appreciation of this most unusual shoe.

  10. I love the tassel shoe strings…and the shoe would have been great sans the platform and whatever is going on on the back.

  11. I like the shoe and I think it resembles what I think he was trying to achieve..a loafer/sneaker. Not a dress shoe. Not to mention this is his first pair of shoes he designed if I’m not mistaken.

    I would definitely like to get a pair, but I’m sure they will be out my budget.

  12. I actually more than like the shoe. I can imagine a variety of ways it can be worn. I think it’s creative,something different, and it would be even better if it came in different colors

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