Sure, black on black is always chic, but I’m a Caribbean girl and love my color! So I uplifted a simple black American Apparel top and BCBG skirt with a vintage rainbow colored poncho, belted at the waist. I’m a lover of bling, so piled on a series of gold link necklaces, along with my Prada Baroque sunglasses, and Kate Spade studs.

Former Bombshell Taye liked my Prada sunnies so much, she had to take a shot:)

I also slipped on my Jessie Adore bangles , an AG ring, and packed my Ipad in an American Apparel leather pouch.

I could change my Mata Hari bag, but why switch it up? All my particulars are in there, and it kind of goes with everything.

I also went with my tried & true Tribtoos. They’re classic and are actually not that uncomfortable.

And there you have it!

Photos by Marta McAdams.

*For everyone asking about my workout regimine, it’s coming up! xoxo

63 thoughts on “Style Diary: Mercedes Benz Spring 2012 Fashion Week Day 5”

  1. WOW! I really like the splash of color. Well done, as usual. Now as for those super toned legs…Girrrllll… I die!

  2. Lawd, have mercy! I need your legs on my body! I am very excited about the post on your workout regimen!

  3. You are right Claire. This is the best outfit in your style diary. Wow! Girl, you be killin’ em. Everything is on in these photos. I love, love everything.

  4. Clairrrreee!!! You better stop playing and post the regimen that gives you those gams girl! I want some gams like that too!!! LOVING the outfit. I’m a sucker for color from one caribbean girl to another, all those colors are WORKIN!

  5. You’re definitely giving style inspiration w/ this poncho; I’ve never seen one look so good yet lol. I’m excited for the workout routine too! Now which island are you from Claire? I’m from St. Thomas! VI Massive!

  6. Gorgeous pic!! Claire you are the woman you’ve always wanted to be!! Congratulations!! Such an inspiration!!

  7. I knew there was something about you… Caribbean Massive all day everyday!!!!!!!!!

    I live for this outfit. All. Of. It. I LIIIIVE!!!

  8. love the entire outfit. could you post a frontal pic so i can clearly see the sunglasses from the direct front.

  9. Caribbean Girls! I’m an island girl, too, and I adore flirting with colour.
    You made this all black piece very individual with vibrant & cheerful colours. Well done, Claire! Hope to see you at Paris Fashion Week later this month;-)

  10. Heyyyy ladies! Thanks for the love. Color and legs seem to be a good combo.
    Regarding being a Caribbean girl, I’m actually first generation (born in Brooklyn, what what!). But um, my mom was born in Nassau, Bahamas, my dad in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, thus making me Bahaitian.
    Stay tuned for today’s Style Diary, think you’ll like it.
    Back to blogging!

  11. Legsssssssss of lifeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I wouldve ditched the chains though. We know what Coco said!

  12. Claire, its about time you start sharing your gym leg routine.. those legs are Fyah! Keep up the good work girl you look stunning!

  13. Giiiiirl! Ur legs are AMAZING!!! I showed my trainer this photo and told him I want those legs!! LOL! Work it mama!!!!

  14. how many times am i gonna say killin you with them legs, better yet them thighs.

    gwarl. i aint gotta lie. i have pushed the frequency of my workouts including lunges and squits to a crazy point because of this segment!

    its going in the right direction. cant wait to werk the hell outta my dress(yes its on layaway)

    oh and colour IS THE BOMB. you look like a caribbean queen!


  16. this gorgeous outfit was screaming for an updo~like the one you had in that essence spread. you should wear your hair up more often, it looks really nice.

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