Sure, black on black is always chic, but I’m a Caribbean girl and love my color! So I uplifted a simple black American Apparel top and BCBG skirt with a vintage rainbow colored poncho, belted at the waist. I’m a lover of bling, so piled on a series of gold link necklaces, along with my Prada Baroque sunglasses, and Kate Spade studs.

Former Bombshell Taye liked my Prada sunnies so much, she had to take a shot:)

I also slipped on my Jessie Adore bangles , an AG ring, and packed my Ipad in an American Apparel leather pouch.

I could change my Mata Hari bag, but why switch it up? All my particulars are in there, and it kind of goes with everything.

I also went with my tried & true Tribtoos. They’re classic and are actually not that uncomfortable.

And there you have it!

Photos by Marta McAdams.

*For everyone asking about my workout regimine, it’s coming up! xoxo