7 thoughts on “Steal of the Day: Beyonce’s Rosenberger Flat Sandals from Aldo”

  1. I heard that the shoes actually belonged to her assistant. B’s feet got tired in her usual heels so she swapped out for these. They had pictures of the assistant with them on earlier in the day.

    Of course Mrs. Carter wouldn’t actually pick up a pair of shoes from Aldo to rock. She’s got plenty of precious Loubou’s!

  2. Well, apparently its not her “Loubous” that got the attention of the fashion team. Its the Aldos. LOL! Since you people are buying her all the “Loubous” she can stand, you’d better pay attention to something fashionable that you can afford.

  3. and this is fashion, no wonder todays girls look like stuff sausage in clothes two sizes too small. Bey, or someone else wears something and right away EVERYONE else thinks they can wear it too.
    Bey your knox kneed and they are fat no wonder you are always on a diet. Sequined skirt to shop in…fine but todays girls have no ideal what to wear and when to wear it…Next they will be wearing that crap to work and think they look good cause Beyonce wears it or it is made by someone who you think is all that. AND in truth all the guys think about is how good it looks on the floor. hahaha

  4. I have those shoes!!!! I love them you can match them with practically every hing :) They are so versitile and i love them…… i have three pairs, with different colors, ALDO is my not so guilty pleasure

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