6 thoughts on “Splurge of the Day : Rihanna’s ‘Run This Town’ Barracuda Sunglasses”

  1. I’d love to see who plans to spend a cent on these “shades.” These are so impractical that they fail to even be fly to me. Just a giant waste of time and money. If you’re not shooting the run this town video, I guarantee you’ll look foolish 100% of the time while wearing these.

  2. “They’re not see through but you can see through them.”??? enough said..either u can or u can’t…lol

  3. They glasses are so fly and anyone disagrees is just mad that rihanna can look so good in something that they would look ridiculous in… i would mos def. own these

  4. i woudnt even be posten this comment if it wasnt for the glasses she was wearing in run this town looked at the screen an told my self those are some cute glasses so i went on the internet and searched them and it came to this website (www.fashionbombdaily.com)and it showed the glassess up front i said these glassess are real as in beautiful or the bomb etc. I WONT A PAIR SO BAD but i cant afford it. Now you can run the town with these but until u get them , Rihanas goning to run this town tonight. (when i saw theme i fell in love with them an when u see them u will to )

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