First Lady Michelle and the kiddies were in Paris seeing the sites and cheesing for tourists!

Michelle chose this $195 Purple Neon Toywatch for a trip to the Eiffel Tower:

Michelle OBama wears Toywatch to Eiffel Tower

Mrs O consistently shows that she can stay fly without shelling out a ton of money. $195 is a splurge, but definitely affordable!

Get yours here.

*I’m so sad I can’t take off work to search for them around town!!

*The makers of Michelle’s Toywatch are having a watch giveaway starting this Friday via their Twitter page! Check it out at

Michelle Obama Eiffel Tower

4 thoughts on “Splurge of the Day: Michelle Obama’s Neon Toywatch”

  1. She is so fly… A ToyWatch without making it look gimmicky and in a deep lilac? You’ve got to love her style


  2. Here are some of the sites you can cop your own Toywatch!

    -milan <3


    Some sites you can cop your own jelly timepiece!!!

    -milan <3

  4. These watches were just on Rue LaLa… dirt cheap!
    I love these watches. Michelle is sooo trend forward!

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