Jordin Sparks said “How YOU Doin'” for The Wendy Williams show, rocking Bebe’s $98 Studded Trapunto Strapless Stunner:

Jordin Sparks Wendy Williams Bebe Top

The young siren performed her song Battlefield in this super hot top, set off by a slick leather skirt and silver hoop earrings.
Get her look, plus her top in black, white, or bright fuchsia here:

2 thoughts on “Splurge of the Day : Jordin Sparks’ Bebe Studded Trapunto Strapless Top”

  1. so what? being curvy and dark-skinned is not good enough so you had to place a skinny white thing next to her to what? compare? tell that heifer to go home. Jordin wins

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