Last night, images of a Vogue Cover featuring Vice President Elect Kamala Harris in her signature suit and Converse sneakers circulated the web.

Surely, we thought, this is a fake. Converse Sneakers? On the cover of the World Renowned American Fashion Magazine? This couldn’t be true. But oh, it was. Vogue, in fact, released two cover images today of our first Black And Asian Female Vice President, executed by a black team: Photographer Tyler Mitchell, the first African American photographer to shoot the cover of Vogue in its 125-year history for cover subject Beyonce, sittings Editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, and words by Alexis Okeowo.

When one thinks of Vogue, they think of couture level, transportive images that are as powerful as they are stylish. And while the 2nd cover featuring VP Elect Harris in a pale blue suit with a gold backdrop did receive praise, innumerable comments on @VogueMagazine and on @FashionBombDaily convey that perhaps at least one of the covers missed the mark.

On @VogueMagazine, @BreakTheIcee__ says, You did her so wrong choosing this photo and you know it.” @FlowroJR adds, “Love that she’s on the cover but why this one?! Y’all could’ve done WAYYYY BETTER!”

Over @FashionBombDaily, @BreskiBoo added, “Huh? So they couldn’t dress her up???” @J_Amire opines, “Hate it🥴🥴 of all the looks she had access to why this🤧” @YouLoveMilan offers, “This cover is horrible. Anna should be ashamed of herself, she could have done SO much better for our Vice President.” An Anonymous reader offered, “Whack. She deserves to be fully styled and celebrated. This is historic….This feels like some lazy design and editing to me. I can’t imagine she insisted on this look for her Vogue Covers. But at least we won the Senate.” 

While some of the comments are indeed harsh, others say that the casual penchant of her styling communicates that she’s not about the muss and fuss: She’s ready to get to work! Reader @Rosa_Lyne summed in up nicely, I love it. Not everything has to be overtly “fashion.” I appreciate the pedestrian, working-woman vibe. Fashion doesn’t have to be so serious. She’s got real work to do.”

What say you?

*Stylist J Bolin has already offered a few styling ideas for VP Elect Harris:

Who do you think should style Madam Vice President?

Images: Vogue Magazine

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