Being a fly, multi-hyphenate boss lady requires the ultimate work hard, play hard lifestyle. It’s not a track for the faint of heart or weak of will: it involves years of grinding, networking, and being your own best champion. But the rewards…oh my! Private planes, shutting down stores, an army of minions at your beck and call, and, most importantly, an empire of your own making? It might not hurt to learn how to get there if you’re up for the ride! Here’s how:

1. Find Your Lane…And Conquer It


Fashion. Media. Beauty. Entertaining. Whatever your talent, hone that skill to the point where it’s recognized not just as an asset, but an industry standard. Women like Oprah Winfrey (media), B. Smith (home and lifestye), and Diane von Furstenberg (fashion) all established themselves as experts in their field before branching out into other ventures. Become great in one area so that doors to others will open for you.

2. Bring a BFF Along for the Ride


Beyoncé’s got Cousin Angie Beyince, Oprah has Gayle King, and Kimora Lee and Tyra Banks have one another. Not only is success sweeter when you can share it with your bestie but in the world of moguls, it always helps to have that person who will keep it 100 with you regardless of how much paper you stack or chauffeured whips you have at your disposal.

3. Proper Business Attire


One of the keys to succeeding in business is looking like you mean it, and that begins with how you dress the part. Whether your industry is casual, conservative, or somewhere in-between, know what sort of wardrobe is required and work it like your paycheck depends on it–because it does. A few of the standard staples across industries include a mean chunky shoe; structured power silhouettes; tasteful makeup; and individual, impression-making accessories rather than a plethora of weak trinkets. Strong, specific, and standout are the guidelines to go by. Victoria Beckham, Sylvia Rhone, and Vera Wang provide a variety of fine examples.

4. Give Back and Inspire by Example!

Once you’ve created the opportunities being a mogul affords, pay them forward so that others benefit from and are inspired by your fabulosity. Jennifer Lopez completed a triathlon, Susan L. Taylor retired from ESSENCE to work full-time with The National Cares Movement, and Iman is heavily involved with charitable work in her native Somalia. It’s true that money and fame can grant you success, but legacies are made when your success moves others to forge their own movement. And *that* is the true measure of power.

Get your mogul-in-training look up to par with these options:

Now go forth, diversify, and get paid!
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