Disney Villains X The Blonds

When thinking about Disney in the context of fashion, Princess ballgowns typically come to mind. Evidence shows that a beautiful gown is a Princess necessity for the happily ever after with Prince Charming in the land of Disney. But what about the darker side of fairy-tales that no one connects with beauty or fashion? The Blonds answered this question with their Spring/Summer 2019 showcase which presents more as a concert than a fashion show.

The Blonds, a design duo that aims to make “glamorous clothes for pop stars”, have clothed performers such as Rihanna, Gwen Stefani, and Nicki Minaj. Now, in collaboration with Disney, The Blonds put Villains on the runway inspired by Cruella De Vil, Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Ursela, and the Queen of Hearts. These Villains quickly became heroes in this show!

This was a fashion show by all means, filled with smoke and mirrors (literally), dancing performances and celebrities on the runway. Paris Hilton served as Cruella, YouTube personality Patrick Starrr modeled as Ursela, along with transgender actor Dominique Jackson from the show “Pose” walking as Maleficent. All of the looks served, served, served!

Check out the intricate designs, meticulous detailing, coordinating Loubouton’s, and the nail art. Fun fact – the nail art for this show took over 500 hours to design.

When entertainment meets fashion and collaborates with Disney’s darker side, you get The Blonds S/S 19 Runway Show. We can’t wait to see which celebrity will be rocking this collection on stage at a concert soon.

You can watch the entire show here:

Written by Yana B. of Style Stamped.com for FBD. Follow her on IG at Style.Stamped.