Designers from Celine to Gucci to department stores in between have been incorporating fur in their footwear.  We’ve seen slip on sandals, heels, and loafers from past seasons, turn fuzzy footwear into one of the hottest trends.  Karl Lagerfeld and Silvia Venturini Fendi, creative directors for Fendi, are turning up the heat next fall with their 2016 sneaker collection that will be debuted along with unique coat-like bathrobes and platform slippers.
1 Fendi's Furry Feet
This collection adds the right pop of color for the fall season and is sure to be a street style fave.

3 Fendi's Furry Feet
They look like house slippers to me, and I can’t see myself rocking them, but what about you?
4 Fendi's Furry Feet
Would you rock it? Or knock it?

Rock it or Knock It? Fendi’s Furry Feet free polls

Fendi's Furry Feet
What do you think?


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