This week going heel to heel are Asos and Alexander McQueen.


The differences between the two simply end at the sole color and the texture, with McQueen’s being silk and Asos’ being leather.  A tremendous effort on Asos’ part in terms of construction; not to mention the cost ($110).  But I must confess that the silk texture and the pink sole of McQueen’s stiletto win me over, despite the price tag of $408.

Which one’s your fave?


6 thoughts on “Rip the Runway: Alexander McQueen vs Asos”

  1. I agree with sun kissed, the Asos. The texture for me would be more of an everyday wear, versus the silk, which I would save for a special event.

  2. Asos has cute trendy stuff. However, they have awful customer service and loowwwww shipping to the US. I paid for express international shipping and had to wait almost 3 weeks for an order that was supposed to arrive in 3 days.

  3. ^^^^^I was just going to write the exact same thing. I love everything on the ASOS website, but I’ve had issues with every order that I’ve put in with them, and customer service never seems to be much help. Maybe it’s because they’re shipping from the UK to the US, but I still think they would be more efficient. With that being said, I would take the more expensive shoes that would hopefully come with less of a headache.

  4. I was so pissed of that all the designers on 2010 rip the runway had no real fashions,they all sucked WTF? this year has been dumbed down, the youngsters and lames have been asked to fill the crowd ,perform or host why it was Nice when didy was on there and real host were on there I cant believe I WAITED 2 weeks to watch this garbage!#$ Now that WASTED gucci!! tha models were semi thick which is good aint none anorexic but overall it was no talent up n through there FTS!

  5. I practically love everything about ASOS, and must say I’ve had the opposite result and only good things to say about their customer service. Shipping took FOREVER and there was an issue on an initial order. But, being that you’re receiving product from the UK at a significant savings, it’s worth it. Perhaps they’ve heeded some of their complaints and took initiative to improve their customer service? Regardless, I’ll be continuing to shop with them for my unique fashion steals.

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