Reebok has gone out of this world, as the label is partnering with David Clark Company on an innovative shoe design made for astronauts called the Floatride Space Boot SB-01.

According to Hypebeast, Reebok is currently undergoing tests by astronauts, as this will be the first space boot innovation design in over 50 years. The creation is not only to provide modern style, but it’s purpose is to help alleviate complications of heavy footwear by utilizing  ‘Floatride Foam Technology’ , as well as “accompany the space suit” to transport astronauts back and forth at the International Space Station’s Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner.


Reebok’s Director of Development says, “Reebok Floatride Foam introduced three revolutionary elements to the space boot; it decreased the overall weight significantly, brought the added support you’d expect in a running shoe, and delivered a new level of sleekness & style.”

Whether your planning a trip to outer space or not, would you rock a pair of these bad boys?

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Courtesy photos from: Reebok, Highsnobiety