Happy Monday!
So today is a big day: it’s day one of the Fashion Bomb intern contest! We received over 50 submissions from fashionistas all over the continent–from Florida to New York, Cali to Chicago and even Canada!
As soon as candidates e-mailed their interest, we put them to work to scour their local town for Real Style. Read on for the 411 on our finalists, and also tell us: do they have what it takes?
Our first Fashion Bomb Intern contestant is Vuitton Bain:


A University student in Canada, Vuitton is a native Bahamian and fashion fanatic! He says, “To me, fashion is more than just the label. You have to understand colors, textures, the design aesthetic of designers, the poetry involved in creating that garment. I’d like to believe that I have an innate sense of style, and when it comes to fashion, I know I’d get the job done perfectly.” I think so too! For his Real Style, he snapped a picture of a fly young lady, “wearing a feathered tube dress paired with a vintage belt and pink FCUK pumps...”
Great job, Vuitton. Looking forward to seeing more!
Our next finalist is Suzy from Orlando, Florida:
A fashion student, Suzy says, “I believe that style comes from within no matter where you are…” With a tight deadline, Suzy decided to submit Real Style from her church service:
They better work!
Next up, we have Jemise
…a student at Hampton University, Jemise looked to a few of her fellow students for style inspiration…

She says, “I decided to get some real guy style since I’m sure you’ll get lots of pictures of fabulous ladies!” Good thinking!

Representing for the South is Fashion Bomber Ashley
…a senior at The University of Southern Mississippi, she says, “I have two major missions in life 1) to bring awareness to the unique style found in the southern states, and 2) promote awareness of the beauty in being brown within the fashion industry.” For her Real Style, she kept it local, snapping a few pics with friends:
Last but not least, we have Amber..
She says, “For me, studying, analyzing, reading about and just looking at fabulous clothes, shoes and bags, makes me want to challenge myself to work at creating the fiercest wardrobe possible.” She captured a bit of cool winter style in her neighborhood…
…that does it!
Adriana and I are so excited about this contest, and know the interns will knock your socks off!
Stay tuned this week for their posts, and remember, on Friday, you vote for your favorite.
Until then, what do you think of our candidates? Are they the bomb or what?
*Huge THANK YOU to everyone who entered. We wish we could pick you all:)