So on November 4th we will vote for the next President of the United States.

While the candidates debate on issues of national security and the economy, it’s clear only one candidate is the front-runner in bridging the gap between politics and fashion:

Barack Obama

I asked all you fabulous readers to send me examples of you ‘Rocking for Barack’, and hey, you didn’t disappoint!
Check it:


And of course I had to get in there:


A few words About Voting This Year:

*Rocking for Barack is cool for the weekend, but word on the street is that if you wear your t-shirt to the polls, you will be blocked from voting. Apparently this is considered campaigning, and wearing a pin, t-shirt, or hat is grounds for a polling official to turn you away. Don’t risk it: Make sure your vote counts!
*Are you registered to vote? If not, go to, and register in your state. If you’re not sure, click here. The last day to register to vote varies by state (for Florida it’s October 6th!). Find out your state’s deadline here.
*If you need an absentee ballot, contact your Secretary of State here to request one. Hurry! You must mail in your letter no later than 7 days before the election.
*Tomorrow is Obama Blue Day. Wear Blue, and encourage two people to vote!
*Donate to the cause here.