So last week my homeboy tipped me off to a party thrown by Mass Appeal (www.massappealmag.com), an urban, streetwear magazine straight outta NYC. The night promised performances by underground rappers K.i.D. CuDi and Killer Mik…not one to shy away from cool events, I dropped in…


The venue was packed with what I’ll dub the ‘hip-hop underground‘ set. And while I honestly was just looking to chill, the style sleuth in me couldn’t help but snap a couple pictures:

These young men looked retro cool in a kelly green cardigan on the left and colorful t-shirt on the right. You may not be able to see but the t-shirt sporting young man has golds on the bottom. Another shot:
…a splash of ghetto with more fabulous sunglasses. Another note: Glasses–whether prescription or made for the sun–seemed to the one ubiquitous accessory noone….
…left home without.  I stopped these two because of their quirky steeze. B-boy on the left brings the eighties back in a v-neck t, leather jacket and dookie chain, while homegirl embraces nerd chic in large librarian glasses offset by a trendy striped top, hoodie, and skirt with tights.
So what do you think?
Does Mass Appeal have Real Style?

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One thought on “Real Style: Mass Appeal”

  1. wow, these people looked like they dropped straight out of the 80’s–and not in a good way. they look like carbon copies of the same tired trend. i’ve actually seen stonewashed jeans making a reappearance, people barely survived the original 80’s fashion wise, do we have to bring everything back?

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