Remember when people accused Rihanna‘s style of being too much like Beyonce‘s?
Now some people are saying Bee is looking quite similar to Ri:

Does this mean we’ve come full-circle?
Off-topic, I would love to see them do a song together on some “The Boy is Mine 2009.” Not just for the song–can you imagine the video wardrobe??
Ever since Fashion Bomber Erica sent in that Grace Jones album cover, I’ve been obsessively watching GJ videos on the ‘Tube. Especially “My Jamaican Guy”:
So avantgarde and fashion-forward–GJ is underappreciated as a style icon, I think. BTW, recognize this song as the sample for another icon’s sexy hip-hop classic?
I’m thinking about my next Throwback post and can’t decide what to do: Guess Jeans, Triple Fat Goose coats, or Re-Run Style?

Kidding! (on the last). But wait…hmm…Fred Berry’s red, white, and green are giving me a crazy idea. Hmm! OK, I’m hyped. Off to start work on it now…
P.S. If you haven’t already read it, I highly, highly recommend Robin Givhan’s piece on Sarah Palin’s style. As usual, Ms. Givhan is right on point (and funny) with her analysis.