Online shopping is trendy, and this direction will only develop by creating virtual reality stores that combine the best opportunities of online and reality. But while this has not happened yet, we have to choose clothes in online stores almost blindly, just hoping for our luck. In this article, we offer you a more reasonable approach to online shopping.

Match the New Item with the Core of Your Wardrobe

Very often we buy things on the Internet succumbing to an instant impulse, and without even thinking about how this or that thing can combine (and more often not combine) with what is already in the wardrobe. And this is a big mistake, which leads to unnecessary purchases, which either lie on the shelf for years or are simply thrown away in the next season.

Therefore, before buying, think about what things you will wear the one you plan to buy. Here’s a quick tip. The online stylist site has already collected ready-made outlooks that you can buy right away, or find similar things in your wardrobe based on ideas on the site. Try and the number of unnecessary purchases (as well as the amount of money spent in vain) will decrease.

Invest in Qualitative Things

Instead of 10 acrylic sweaters from the mass market, it is more profitable to buy one knitted from natural wool, which can not lose its attractive appearance for several years. This system is called times per wear – the price of a thing is divided by the number of times you put it on. High-quality clothing made from natural materials is even more expensive, but in the end, it fully justifies its price. Also, the middle market and luxury brands are taking responsibility for the production – including environmental and ethical issues.

Do Not Guess the Size but Clearly Define It

Buying things of one brand you can not fit in size L, another brand sews huge things, claiming that it is XS. Of course, the easiest way is if you have already dealt with the brand before: choose the same size that you had last time (just pay attention to whether this is oversize). Besides, any online store has not only size matching grids, but also tables with measuring ranges corresponding to different sizes, and detailed instructions on how to correctly measure yourself.

Choose Clothes That Suit Your Lifestyle

First of all, clothing should be comfortable, and for this, it needs to be integrated into your lifestyle. After all, if you have a mobile job or you are a young mother, then high heels and a skirt will not add mobility and beauty after several hours in motion. Also, if you work in the office, it is unlikely that the dress code will allow ripped jeans and sneakers. So correlate new purchases with your current occupation. And buy the things you can wear right now.


Before shopping, make a list of necessary purchases – this will save not only money but also time. Determine in advance the amount you are willing to spend. If the budget is limited, focus only on the most necessary things – nature will thank you because today the fashion industry is the second source of environmental pollution after oil production.