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An excerpt, “Claire Sulmers went from Ivy League student (she’s a proud Harvard alum) to style juggernaut and founder of Fashion Bomb Daily. The journey resulted in one of the industry’s most engaging fashion news destinations and a personal style 180 for its creator.

“I used to love J.Crew and argyle: I was pretty classic prep, but a little bit boring,” Sulmers tells us. “Working in fashion has allowed me to try so many things that I never would have tried before.” That applies to more than playing with colors and silhouettes in her clothing: When we speak on the phone, Sulmers mentions she’s been re-wearing a Sergio Hudson jacket of late, but changing her hairstyle with each outfit. “The old Claire would have literally never changed her hair,” Sulmers laughs.

Style gets deeper than experimenting with what she’s wearing. Sulmers describes her wardrobe as a canvas for displaying overlooked fashion talent—largely from Black-owned and Black women-owned labels. Recently, she expanded Fashion Bomb Daily to include an online boutique highlighting her favorite emerging designers. “I’m trying to help those who felt like me when I first started out, when there was no way in and there was no one to allow you a way in,” she explains. “I’m looking out for the young girl who looks like me and wants to participate in fashion, but needs that extra push to help get them going.”
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