Before the first episode of TNT’s new show Claws aired on June 11th, viewers didn’t know what to expect. But it’s literally ALL about the nails, and we can’t wait for more!

Claws is more than what it seems, as these five women don’t just look pretty while running a nail salon–their careers are considered a safe front for what’s really going on behind closed doors.

The owner of the shop and HBIC, “Desna,” played by Niecy Nash, has been doing dirty business with a powerful southern gang in Florida. But she wants out of the gang, and more from her brand, business, and investments.

While maintaining a professional image, drama tends to escalate and believe it or not, but each character’s nail artistry has a role in the show. Crazy right?!

This is fashion and beauty like never before, as each design coincides with each scene or vibe from the characters. For example, Karreuche as “Virginia” wore a colorful top and bottom set in the beginning of episode one. So her nails consisted of a mix-match of neon colors.

Head nail designer, Gracie J @theeditorialnail and her assistant Elissa Schell @nailsby.elissa are the ones behind the intense detailing. They actually sit down with the writers for the show and brainstorm what nail look to pull off next.

They’ve even broke down how each character’s nails should not only switch according to scene, but it has to match their own identity as well. And they’re using press on’s to create such magic. Can you believe that?!

Most of the nail artistry is glamorous, bedazzled and carries heavy patterns and styles. They’ve used detailing like glass, rings, glitter, beads and more.

Now, let’s take a look at the characters and why their nails get a starring role all on its own!

Desna’s designs are as Gracie describes, “long, stiletto, claws,” which match her fierceness and boss lady status on the show. She’s seen in metallic or chrome nails typically with lots of studs, rings and pearls embedded onto her nails.

Jenn Lyon as “Jen” is Desna’s partner n’ crime. Her nails match her southern bell life style, “over the top” prints like bright geode or cheetah prints that are shaped long and square.

“Virginia,” played by Karreuche Tran, exudes confident and colorful “coffin” shaped nails that are typically inspired by her new boss, Desna.

Carrie Preston play’s “Polly” a bashful, warm hearted soul with a record you’d wouldn’t imagine. Her nails are “cutting edge,” yet trimmed low. She rocks more softer hues that compliment her polite approach.

Judy Reyes is “Quiet Ann” she doesn’t actually invest in mani’s (probably not pedi’s either). She keeps it plain and simple while finding pleasure as a dominate lesbian playing bodyguard for the pack.

Check out more nail designs from the cast here

What do you think of the nail art on the new TV show Claws?!


Courtesy photos from: @theeditorialnail@clawstnt@virginiaclaws_tnt