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Madam Mystique is the brainchild of Isha Sankoh,who hails from Sierra Leone, West Africa, and lived in Sweden, England, and Ghana, before finally settling with her family in the United Sates. Her cultured background and love for travel is what inspired her love for fashion, having seen first hand the diversity of styles in different parts of the world. 

She studied Fashion Merchandising and Business Marketing at Marymount University, where she received her Bachelors of Arts degree. During her time in school, Ms. Sankoh participated in behind the scenes work at New York Fashion Week, and did a summer internshipfor fashion and beauty magazine, Allure. Since graduating from University, Ms. Sankoh has been involved in various fashion business ventures, her most recent business pursuit includes working as a Stylist and Content Creator for SaiSankoh resort wear brand. 

After years of working in the fashion industry as a Stylist, Ms. Sankoh finally decided to start her own line,  Madam Mystique. Madam Mystique is inspired by her love of street style, having lived in Manhattan for a year and a half, a city that’s known for it’s style, that can be seen everywhere from the runways to the street.

She decided to capture that passion, and direct that excitement with a line that provides every woman the opportunity to shine with sophisticated elegance and sex appeal, as they don wearable and affordable clothing that are both unique, and eye-catching.

For Isha, Madam Mystique is “…An attitude, an attitude that is fueled by total confidence and effortless glamour.” Madam Sankoh’s ambition and dedication is what helps her thrive as a young entrepreneur, she doesn’t believe in overnight success, and nor does she believe in easy wins, her favorite quote, “There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs.”

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