This post about the Color Full Lives podcast is sponsored by State Farm®.

State Farm has a fabulous new series called Color Full Lives, which was created to reach and empower African-American women via a series of podcasts discussing topics important to our lives(Relationships, Finances, Entrepreneurship, Education and Health & Wellness)! It gives a nod to the full and multi-faceted lives African-American women lead.

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The latest podcast features Angela Yee, Hey Fran Hey, and Tatiana Jones. Called ‘I love My Self,’ the ladies talks about self care, self love, and self empowerment.

The ladies touch on the topic of self esteem, and feeling the need to change your body to fit in. All ladies are very open about their insecurities, yet stand by their refusal to succumb to societal pressure to look a certain way.

As someone who puts their image on social media all the time, it took me a long time to turn a deaf ear to criticism and embrace everything about me, even my big boobs. And the crazy thing: after a while of me putting my image out there, people started to like my style! It was crazy!
On the Scene- Cocktails with Claire x Miss Diddy LA's New York Empowerment Panel Sponsored by Toyota and Dark & Lovely!
The conversation is really good! Listen to the full podcast here or here.

In this social media age, I’m sure we can all relate to feeling pressure to change our bodies or style to be deemed more acceptable by our peers. What do you think of this epidemic? What is your answer to those who might encourage you to change your body or style for likes?
What do you think?


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