Fashionistas and Celebutantes of every stripe converged last night for the Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A few pictures of Fashion Bomb esque celebs:
…snaps to Thandie Newton for going with a mid thigh lingerie inspired dress along with sexy gladiator sandals! She really pushed the envelope (as you can see, most people wore floor length Princess gowns).
And I’ve got to give it to Kimora for also thinking outside the box in her colorful creation.
Beyonce looks like she’s pageant ready in her champagne gown, and J. Lo quite demure in her ice blue frock. Zoe Kravitz stepped it up significantly, and Iman looked radiant, as usual.
If I had to pick a winner, I’d go with Kimora for picking something appropriate yet interesting (I wonder who designed her dress..?).
But what about y’all? Whose outfit fits your fancy?

9 thoughts on “Morning Quickie: The Met Ball”

  1. I think I prefer Thanndie. She looks sexy and I love the outfit. Maybe it isn’t appropriate for the event but, at least she was very original.

  2. I’m really proud of Zoe Kravitz for not wearing something 1. holy, 2. old, 3. dirty. She needs to stop with the homeless look…that only works for Mary Kate and Ashley (and it barely works for them…)

  3. I love Kimora’s dress. The colorful tribal inspired print is so perfect to punch up the ‘dullness’ of the evening.

  4. luv yur pics but what a minute — what about my honey mary? also – can we get a “you go girl for venus williams? she did it right this year.

  5. for me its a tie between thandie and Zoe thats what the gala is about and kimora would be runner up.

  6. Thandie looked awesome! I also agree that Kimora’s dress is adorable. Its so afrocentric chic.

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