Michelle Obama has started off Inauguration Day in designer Isabel Toledo:


Curious about the designer? Here’s an excerpt on the Isabel Toledo from Phaidon’s The Fashion Book:

“Latin Flavor, surreal lines, and futuristic content define Isabel Toledo’s radical fashion sewn in the tradition of couture. Toledo, who speaks of herself as a seamstress rather than a fashion designer, creates in the manner of couturiers such as Madame Vionnet and Madame Gres. Like them, she does not start from a flat sketch, but envisions clothing in three dimensions, always bearing a shape in her mind, usually a circle or a curved line. ‘I love the maths behind the romance,’ she says of her so-called liquid architecture’s craftsmanship….Toledo’s husband, Ruben, known for his whimsical fashion illustrations, manages the business side of the New York based company and acts as her creative alter ego.

Pssst, First Lady Obama is also wearing Jimmy Choo heels and J.Crew gloves! The little ladies, Sasha and Malia, are in J.Crew Crewcuts. They. are. adorable.

5 thoughts on “Michelle Obama in Isabel Toledo”

  1. THANKS!!! I knew you would come through. I love the First Lady’s outfit. However, the baby girl, Sasha looks like an old lady. She is such a cute girl, but I don’t like her attire. I know it will improve.

    Do you know who designed the First Lady’s shoes?

  2. they are such a cute family..i really love it!… at first i didnt like that color..but michelle is great with colors…she looked classic.

  3. Sasha and Malia looked great. Age appropriate clothing for little girls. Plus it was cold. She needed to be bundled up.

    I cracked up when Sasha gave her fathers the thumbs up.

  4. I think the shoes were jimmy choo? Ruben Toledo also does the illustrations for Nordstrom. You might have seen them in the ads in Vogue and other places, like on their re-usable shopping bag.

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