Michelle Obama just keeps the magazine covers coming, and definitely looks fab at each take.  This time, she’s on the cover of O Magazine with Oprah herself–the first time anyone else has been on the cover in the magazine’s nine year history.  With Michelle in Michael Kors and Oprah in Rachel Roy, the glamour literally jumps off the page.

Get yours on newsstands in April.


19 thoughts on “Michelle Obama covers O Magazine”

  1. And on a great post! This is why Divas like Oprah, Tyra, Bey, and Solo are my ish! They don’t care what anyone says, does, or thinks. Oprah has never had anyone on her mag for nine years but, when she does, she did it big with Michelle Obama the first African American first lady. Go Girl!

  2. Love First Lady O’s belt. She makes us tall ladies proud with her effortless elegance.

  3. I love both looks, especially First Lady O. The belts, bright colours, make up….perfect!

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