I’m  on vacation!!

I really want to make the most of the sun and sand, so Mail Bombs will be short. Let’s go!

First, Dinah says, “Stacy Dash always looks amazing and I saw a fab pic of her on Concrete Loop!

Stacy Dash YSL Bag

“I love her purse and was wondering if you could tell me who makes it and maybe where to find it.”

Hey Dinah! I can tell from the ‘Y’ on the tag that Stacy is rocking a YSL tribute handbag. This option is in the same collection:


To get Stacy’s exact bag, check www.ysl.com for store locations.

Leah says, “While Serena Williams looks cute in this picture, I am LOVING the bubble dress on the girl in the background. The colors are awesome & it looks like it just has one of those great sexy, but still classy fits.

Serena Williams

“If you could please help me to find a cost affordable one I would appreciate it greatly!”
Looks like the young lady in the back is wearing this $24.80 Painted Puff Dress from Forever 21:


Get it in the color shown above and in green below. We threw in a few more look-a-likes for fun:

Nikki loved Rihanna’s look as she stepped out to Emilio’s Ballato’s restaurant in NYC:


She says, “The dress is sooooo cute! Who makes it?”
Rihanna’s wearing this $545 Alexander Wang silk one shoulder dress:


Get it at www.net-a-porter.com.

In a male mail bomb, Dayvon said, “I saw this picture of Chris Brown rocking these sneaks:


“…Where can I get them?”

According to Upscale Hype, Chris is wearing a pair of $120 Chad Muska Pro Model Supra Tuf Skytop Sneakers:


Get yours at www.suprafootwear.com.

Lastly, in a wardrobe query, Jaida says, “Fall semester starts in two weeks and I wanted to get some nice black flat boots for school. I need help finding some that are stylish, yet affordable (because I am a college student with limited funds). LOL I’ve seen so many options, but I can’t decide! I don’t know if I want a longer boot (above the knee/right under the knee) or an ankle boot since I’m short and my indecisiveness DOES NOT help my cause! So I’m coming to you guys once again for help! Hopefully you guys can help me out.”
Adriana says, “Jaida, regardless of your height, everyone can do a short or a tall boot, especially when it’s a flat sole–the key is knowing which silhouette works best for you. A pointed toe will help elongate your legs while a round one is more casual and comfortable for when you’re running from class to class. And look for little details to make your boots stand out! Try any of these affordable options:”

That does it!
it’s my last day in the Bahamas. I’m gonna soak up the sun!
Have great weekends;)