So it’s the holiday weekend!

What are y’all doing for 4th of July? Some American friends and I are picnicking by the Eiffel Tower! I’ll try to send pics. In the meantime, let’s solve some Mail Bombs!

First, reader Kiki was on and spied this picture of Sanaa Lathan and Gabrielle Union at Fashion Bomb friend Bevy Smith’s Dinner:


She says, “Please help me find Sanaa’s dress! It’ll be perfect for a wedding I’m attending in August!”

We found that Sanaa is wearing this $625 Catherine Malandrino Deep V Braided Maxi Dress:


Get the stuntastic frock plus a few less expensive options here:

Bunny says, “Can you please help me find these um…ear…cuffs? earrings? that Dawn Richard wore to the BET Awards?

Dawn Richard D Squared Earrings

“…Do you know who makes them and where I can get them?”

We hit up Dawn on Twitter, and she revealed that her ear cuffs are by Dsquared2. We couldn’t find them online, but check out for stores.

Next, Amber asks, “Could you point me in the direction of a dress that’s similar to the one Beyonce wore to the BET Awards?”


Adriana says, “This is the closest I could find to La Knowles’ Balmain sequin minidress:”

“It’s a bit expensive, but it’ll look Sasha Fierce!”

Now for some wardrobe queries!

Jade says, “I AM IN NEED OF SOME FASHION ASSISTANCE!!! I recently did a big no-no when it comes to shopping…I made an impulse purchase! Yes, I know soooooo wrong of me…but the shoes were calling my name and looked great on my feet, lol. I bought a pair Steven Madden Cobalt Blue Suede pumps…

Steve Madden Blue Suede Pumps

“…and have absolutely nothing to wear with them. I was hoping you can help find something nice to wear with them. They have that dressy feel so maybe a nice dress…I don’t know. PLEASE HELP!!!”

Don’t despair young Jade! Matching deep blue is easier than you think! Think of blue jeans…they go with everything, right? Same goes for blue shoes. Take a cue from celebs for ideas on how to rock it right:

Jennifer Hudson, Solange, Tia Mowry in Blue Shoes

J Hud, Solange, and Tia Mowry wear their blue shoes as accents to neutral white and black dresses…

Ashanti Nicky Hilton Blue Shoes

Ashanti and Nicky Hilton pick up the color of the shoes in patterned dresses dominated by yellow and blue…


And Jaslene and Natalia wear blue with red and black, but make sure to incorporate a matching belt or gloves to bring it all together!

Blue matches well with yellow and orange, but it can also look chic when accenting simple black or white. Use these options as inspiration:

Lastly, Tamika says, “Hi! Where can I get a Michael Jackson T-shirt??

Adriana and I scoured the web and found the following from,, and Neff Headwear:

Michael Jackson Fashion T-Shirts

Neff Long Live the King T's

1. I Love MJ Women’s Tank Top, $20. 2. Michael Jackson Women’s Tribute T-Shirt, $25. 3. Sweet Feet Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt, $22. 4. Michael King of Pop Women’s Tank Top, $20. 5. Neff Long Live the King Tees, $20.

For more options, you can also check out Amazon and Ebay, but I must say, the pickings are pretty slim.
That does it for today! Have safe holiday weekends and enjoy the fireworks:)