Hey Guys!

So I’m back in Paris struggling to recover from this jetlag! I’m off to take yet another nap, but first let’s solve some mail bombs!
First up is Amber, who says, “I’m going to my senior year homecoming and I love the look Amber Rose wore to the BET awards this year. It’s simple, posh, and chic.”

Amber Rose BET Awards

“…My favorite part of the the dress is the low back. I would love to duplicate this look for my homecoming. Being a high school student of course I can’t afford the Alexander Wang Backless Dress…please help!”
Adriana says, “Here are some options for you–I tried to keep them as affordable as possible but even Amber knockoff looks ain’t cheap, phew!”:

In another ‘Rose’ Mail Bomb, Adorea says, “Who are these fab shoes by?”

Amber Rose Ankle Strap Sandals

“… I Have Searched EVERYWHERE and I cant find them!”
We couldn’t find the exact shoe, but thought you could achieve a similar essence with Ash Flint’s $150 cut out sandals. Complete Amber’s look with the following:

Next, Margarita says, “I want to know where I can get a bracelet like the one Rihanna is wearing in this picture.

Rihanna Animal Print Bracelet

” …I’m sure hers is crazy expensive, but I’d like a cheaper alternative that isn’t those plastic bangle type bracelets. Can you help?
Adriana says, “This was a tough find (there were no affordable options made out of animal skin-like material) but I think either of these two pieces would maybe give you the feel you’re going for:

Erika says, “As with most young ladies with a pulse, I love First Lady Obama’s style, especially this fabulous red dress:

Michelle Obama Red Dress

“… Can you please tell us where we can find it or something very similar?! I neeeeed this dress! Thanks!!”
Heya! Not sure of the designer, but you can get a first lady look with these options:

Tamara says, “Say what you want about Kim Kardashian but that girl has style! Could you guys help me recreate her look especially her vest…

Kim Kardashian Shopping Style

“…it’s FLY!
Get a Kardashian window shopping look with these options:

In another Kim Mail Bomb, Jacquisha says, “I was wondering if you could please find a more affordable version on the outfit Kim Kardashian is wearing? ”


“…I would like to rock something similar.. but cheaper.”
Here you go!

Lastly, in a wardrobe query Jamaka says, “I will be attending my boyfriend’s cousin’s wedding in about two weeks. It will be on the beach and I want to wear something fun with bright colors!! Any ideas??”
Sure! Capture a bit of beach spirit in these beauties:

Back to sleep for me. Have amazing weekends!