“Summer, Summer, Summertime. Time to sit back and unwind.”–DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince, Summertime.

Hi Guys,
So the weather’s getting warmer, meaning there are a ton more events to go to during the week. That translates to less time for mail bombs…


…but I’ll do my best! I did get a chance to answer two for today.
Let’s get to it:
Reader Danielle asks:
“What dress is Rihanna wearing during her TRL appearance? I love it!”

I found that she’s wearing this Catherine Malandrino Sequined Mini Dress

…available for $995 at www.net-a-porter.com. Her shoes are hot too…any guesses?
Update: Reader Larissa say that Rih Rih’s shoes are these $650 Christian Louboutin Satin Sandals from Bergdorf Goodman.

Similar, but her shoes are suede, no?
Reader Crystal also conjectured that Rihanna was wearing these $79 Trenton shoes by Nine West

That seems like a closer match…and even if they aren’t, they’re surely more affordable than whatever Rihanna is rocking! Moving on…
Next, reader Natalie says:
“I was wondering if you could do a blog on clothes for well endowed women. I am a little skittish about exposing all my goodies. I will do a V- Neck every now and then but I am a professional and can not wear clothes that expose too much. I am 5’6 140 and a 36DD, which is not overweight by far just curvaceous –A man once told me the way God used to make women :) Any ideas or suggestions you have would be great. I’m sick of busting out of my button down tops.”
Hey Natalie, you’re in luck!
My cups runneth over as well, and I have a few tips for those who are similarly well endowed.
One: Make sure you’re wearing the correct size bra!! Without letting all my business in the streets, for years I thought I was one size, and I was about 3 letters off! Once I got fitted with the correct bra, I noticed my bust was perkier and also a wee bit flatter. I recommend Freya Bras…

They’re available in sizes B-HH and come in all sorts of cute colors! Get fitted for a bra, then check out www.figleaves.com for options.
With your undergarments attended to, I’d say for work, steer away from button downs and cardigans to avoid the puckering effect. Try non revealing v-necks that draw the eye to the center of your body. My real trick though is to layer, layer, layer with jackets and vests. Jackets make you look chic and sophisticated, flatter most figures, and disguise a large chest. Try these short sleeved versions for the summer:

Top Row: Solid Ribbon Tie Jacket, $24.50, www.wetseal.com; Short-sleeved military jacket, $59, www.gap.com.
Bottom Row: MICHAEL Michael Kors Eyelet Swing Jacket, $159, www.nordstrom.com; Milena Jacket, $24.80, www.forever21.com.
You can have problems with puckering with jackets, so get a size up with those, and tailor ’em down. An even easier solution? Get a jacket without buttons you don’t have to worry.
Hope that helps!
PS If I didn’t answer you question, be on the lookout for next week. I’m working on it!

6 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Rihanna’s Catherine Malandrino Sequined Mini Dress and Clothes for Well Endowed Women!”

  1. I asked where she got her shoes, yesterday and all night I slept– dreaming I’d have the answer today. To my surprise, nope!

    I’m still waiting…… Grey is one of my favorite colors for shoes which explains my lust for em. And they look suede. LORD! I need those joints NOW!!!

  2. It’s me again and after close examination, it don’t truly believe those are the shoes. The straps around the ankle area look a little wider and the heel looks a little more triangular than those in the comparison picture.

    But I have faith and I’m a believer that you WILL find those shoes. You haven’t failed us loyal readers yet and I know you wont fail me now :) Thanks for working so hard on it. I love this blog! Such dedication. Until I check back……. have a great weekend!

  3. One more thing… the link I posted in yesteday’s comments has a closer look at the shoes.

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  5. Good Lord! I knew you’d come through for a Sistah! As you said… even if those shoe Rhi-Rhi’s rockin aren’t the Nine West brand they damn sure look close enough for me to whip out my credit card. Thank you SOOOOOOOO very much! I adore you for this one :)

  6. It is indeed hard to find these short sleeved jackets, that fit right. I’ve tried various stores and have found they are cheaply made… or that the cut is off. I did find some great cropped jackets by Alvin Valley. He’s a higher end designer but he chooses sophisticated patterns, pinstripes and really well tailored cuts. I am pretty sure that Bleu Clothing in Los Angeles carries his stuff.

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