You know how when you come back home instead of relaxing you’re just running around catching up with everybody?? Yeah, that’s how my ATL “vacay” is so far. I’m up mad early, and have to wake up in a few hours to hang with my Dad and sis. Yep. But Mail Bombs still beckon:


I’ll do my very best!

First, absolutely everyone was asking about Beyonce’s burgundy jacket in this picture from a couple weeks ago:


It took us a bit, but we found Bey is wearing this Gucci Spring 2007 jacket (not Rocawear):


I’d  go with the $71 option I mentioned here. If not, visit www.gucci.com for price and buying info!
In another jacket Mail Bomb, Talia coveted Serena’s blazer:


She says, “It’s so perfect for the summer!”
Get a Serena striped look with these options:

Sharee says, “I am in love with the sequined tights homegirl on the right has on!”


“Where can I find something similar- please keep in mind I am a broke college student:)
Adriana says, “These won’t come cheap, unfortunately! Here are two I found on ShopStyle:”

In a wardrobe query, Chanel says, “I’m graduating with my BA in one month (whoo hoo!) and need a fabulous dress to wear as I walk across the stage. Being in black all day will just bore me and graduating in Spring in Florida just screams “wear color”! Any suggestions?”
Try these options that will reflect the Florida sun while also sticking to a somewhat conservative dress code:

Deidre says, “I am a fashion merchandising major and graduation is very near. I have a series of interviews lined up, but it’s sad to say I don’t know what to wear because the fashion industry jobs are not geared to the typical standard black business suit and white dress shirt. Please help guide me into the right direction with out looking too “extra”.”
These days I’m a fan of traditional with a twist, mainly focusing on hot shoes and bags. Go with a somewhat straight and narrow white top and black bottom with fashion focused (but not over the top) accessories:

Also check out our work wardrobe topic for other ideas!

Lastly, Jewel from New Orleans says, “I’ve got a semi-date in a couple of weeks. My interest invited me to watch him play in a golf qualifiers tourney. I have no idea what the crowd looks like! When I asked him what to wear, he said “be casual”. Could you please give me some fashion advice? I would like to look fabulously-casual (i.e., stand out just enough, without being too glam for a 100 degree day).”
Hey Jewel! I don’t know much about golf, but I do know that it’s a pretty preppy sport! Stand out on a hot day in a Polo or Lacoste shirt with crisp shorts and a wedge heel if you want a bit of height. If you’re more of a casual girl, switch out the wedges for a bright patent flat and top everything off with understated accessories like pearl or diamond studs. Try these:

That does it!
I’m absolutely delirious but hopefully I can find time to update during the day today…
Until then…

6 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Beyonce’s Gucci Jacket, Envogue’s Sequined Tights, and What to Wear to a Golf Outing!”

  1. Many golf courses have dress codes, and shorts and skirts must be a certain minimum length. The patterned and white shorts posted here would definitely be way too short for many golf courses. Bermudas or capris would be much more appropriate. Also, some courses do not allow tank tops.

    You will be doing a lot of walking along the course while you watch the tournament, and golf courses are often slippery, hilly, and wet. Do not wear wedges, heels or slippery shoes as you may injure yourself on the course.

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