So I’m in Rome!


And it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’ve traveled to lots of places and obviously have a thing for Paris, but Rome takes the cake! The Trevi Fountain, the Coliseum, you must must come at least once in your life! I’m going to sight see in a bit, but first a few Mail Bombs! Let’s go.

First Chiriga says, “I stumbled upon this photo of Rihanna and fell in love with her leather jacket!


“…I need a bright leather number for the spring. Please help!

Rihanna is rocking Robert Rodriguez, but you can capture her swagger with these options:

Next Marchelle says, “I was wondering if you can tell me who Beyonce’s sunglasses are by in this pic.


“Are they some new oversized Rayban’s? I’m stumped.”

Adriana says, “I’m pretty sure Beyonce is wearing these Grey Ant ‘Status’ Wayfarers:”


“They retail for $260 at Oak NYC.”

Vicky says, “I’m dying to know what Christina Milian is wearing in this picture!”


“It’s so chic!”

Madame Milian is wearing this Louis Vuitton Dress:


From its Spring/Summer 2009 Collection. Go to for retail locations.

Lastly, in a wardrobe query, Audrey says, “My friend is getting married and she loves the Manolo Blahnik Something Blue satin shoe with the brooch but it’s $945.


“…I’ve tried to find something else suitable and similar but no such luck. She says that something blue or silver would be fine, but not in a winter-y material like suede as the wedding is in July. I’d be forever grateful if you would please help us get her a pair of wedding shoes that she loves.

Adriana says, “Here are some eye-catching blue shoes that won’t break the bank!”

I’m off to enjoy Roma!
*Stay tuned for a Claire’s Life: Rome next week!