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As always we have lots of Mail Bombs to solve…Let’s go!

First reader Dinah was on the YBF and fell in love with the stylish Amber Rose’s ripped jeans, off the shoulder gray top, and lace up sandals:

Amber Rose Casual Look

She says, “Can you help me get her look?

Look like Amber for less with these under $100 items:

Next, Edonna says, “I love the sandals Kim is wearing:”

Kim Kardashian Alberta di Ferreti Strappy Sandals

“Can you help me out? Or find something similar?”
Thanks to quite a few Fashion Bombers, we found Kim’s wearing these Givenchy Cut Out Jelly Sandals…

Givenchy Jelly Cut Out Sandals

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find them for purchase online. Until we do, get a similar look with these Philosophy di Alberta Ferretti Strappy Flat Sandals:

Philosophy di Alberta Ferreti Sandals

…They’re $247 at www.shopbop.com.

Gabrielle was feeling Keri Hilson’s colorful ‘out on the town’ look:

Keri Hilson Yellow Pants

She says, “Where can I find Keri’s pants? Or something like them…. they are so cute!”
Get a similar look with these 100% Yellow Silk Pants by New York Industrie:


They’re $95 at www.yoox.com.

Stacey says, “I wanted to know if you could find out what kind of brown bag Eva Marcille was rocking with the fringe?

Eva Marcille Fringe Bag

“Its mad cute! I know it’s not in my budget but if you could also help me find a similar piece it would be great! Thanx!

We couldn’t find her exact bag, but you can achieve a similar fringed look with these selections:

Lastly, Ka’Lan says, “Can you help me find a pair of patent leather black open toed flats?  I’ve seen a few other women wearing these shoes, and I can’t find them anywhere! I really hope you can find me a pair, I’ve been looking for them forever.

Sure thing! Here you go:

That does it for today! Stay tuned for more shopping steals and Fashion Bombshell of the Week!

5 thoughts on “Mail Bombs : Amber’s Look for Less, Kim Kardashian’s Flat Sandals, and Keri’s Yellow Cropped Pants!”

  1. I love Amber Rose’s outfit. Its sexy. If only I had a stomach like here’s. But I’lll make it work by putting a spaghetti strap under that shirt!

  2. My previous comment got deleted (i wasn’t trying to advertise, just wasn’t bothered to type up all the details)

    The boots Amber is wearing, are the Ann Demeulemeester Lace-Up Boots, which are like $1000, but u can get almost identical (cheaper) pairs by Jeffrey Campbell x LF(Limited edition), and Free People for under $150.

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