So since tomorrow is a holiday for the good ol U.S.A., I decided to go ahead and post Mail Bombs a bit early…


The Fashion Bomb (me) will be off tomorrow wylin somewhere at a BBQ (and hope you’ll be too)!
Let’s get started!
First Tabatha says, “I LOVE this jumpsuit that Kim Kardashian wore to the BET Pre- Party and would like to know where to find it!
It’s the perfect look for a boat cruise I am going on for my 30th Bday!
Intern Elita stepped in and found that Kim K is wearing this Stella McCartney Jumper…
…from her Spring 2008 collection. Good luck!
Lisa from San Diego says, “I loved the dress Nia Long wore to the BET Awards!!!”

Can you help me find something similar??
Get a Nia Long look with this $419 3.1 Phillip Lim Dress:
…from www.eluxury.com.
Tara wrote in gushing over Beyonce’s Bag:
She says, “Where can I get it??”
The folks over at Black Style Central found that Beyonce is carrying this Dolce & Gabbana Pocket Patchwork Snakeskin Bag
…get it for $2,995 at www.eluxury.com.
Next, Mary from Jackson Mississippi says, “Tia is looking great! I love this look!
Can you find me something similar?”
Tia’s wearing this Ports 1961 Ruffled Mini Dress...
…available at Saks for $285.
If you want something closer in color, you can also try the following:
1. Vera Wang Saffron Silk Shantung Dress, $238. 2. Laila Azhar One Shoulder Drap Dress, $374.
Long time reader Adriene says, “I’m a pretty tall girl (5’9″) with really long legs and a short torso, and I really want to find shirts that give my body some type of proportion. I love the punk rock shirts that Rihanna has worn…
“Any idea where I could find similar shirts?
Intern Aramide to the rescue! She says, “If you’re looking for a rocker type of look similar to Rihanna, Karmaloop.com is a good place to start. You can wear any of these with a pair of leggings and gladiators.
1.Hellz Bellz Tee, $38 2. Obey Tee, $30. 3.Two in the Shirt Tee, $31. 4. Jeepney Tee, $32.
Lastly, a wardrobe query. Erica says, “I know that the latest fashion is the maxi dress and I have one that I’ve had since last year. I haven’t worn it because I don’t know what shoes to wear with it!”
“... I didn’t want to wear “matchy-matchy” shoes but I don’t know what else to do. Please Help!
Everyone out there in fashion land, let me please introduce you to the new neutral: The Metallic. I favor flats with maxi dresses, so pop on a pair in gold, silver, or bronze, and all you have to worry about is matching your fab accessories!
Try these:
1. Oda Flat in Gold, $76. 2. ASOS Plaited Flat Sandal, $26. 3. Guess by Marciano Haiku Flat Sandal, $63.
Bring along a cute jean jacket to fend off chills. You’re good to go!
That does it!
Have great, wild, wonderful weekends!

5 thoughts on “Mail Bombs: Kim Kardashian’s Stella McCartney Jumper, Beyonce’s Dolce & Gabbana Patchwork Bag, and Tia’s Ports 1961 Dress!”

  1. hi from Paris

    dear STYLISH friend, i just wanted to tell to my friends that i hope you won’t have a heart attack when you see my last coverage of the Paris fashion weeks. lol
    enjoy it !

    i hope i didn’t disturb you.

    cheers from Paris


  2. Hii!! I been reading your blog for months now I check it everyday for new posts!!lol I love it!<3

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